For the 10, 000th time…why I shoot film!

It’s an everygreen question I get asked every time people see me using my classic film cameras in town….downtown Vancouver BC that is.

Why do I still shoot film?

It’s such a loaded question, that once I start, the conversation carries on for an hour or more, usually within the comfort of my favorite coffee shops in Water Street, Main and Hastings, or Yaletown!

So here are my reasons, encapsulated…

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Hey! Im still here guys! Dont go away!

Hey! Im still here guys! Dont go away!

Despite what youre all thinking, no, I haven’t jumped off the Lions Gate bridge here in Vancouver…nor have I fled the country…nor have I defected to the Soviet Union…(it doesnt exist any more!).

Im still here, but snowed under with so much work taht has overtaken me very quickly!

Will tell you more later…but I started an advertising agency specialising in Formual 1 racing  plus other high profile…

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My second camera!

We all have our own tales to tell of our very first cameras that our parents allowed us to handle!

In my case, it was the family Yashicamat twin lens camera, an instrument that was kept locked up safe and sound and only brought out at special occasions.

Well when I grew up a little and was able to earn my own money, I scrimped and saved to buy my first real camera, and that was a camera which no…

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Another look at an up and coming artist!

Another look at an up and coming artist!

Hi folks! Been away from my blog for a while….reason? Nothing special, just so much to do and so little time to do it in!

Anyways, I thought you’d like to look at some new work by a guy I bumped into at a hotel I was staying at earlier this year.

His name is Miroslaw and I think he has serious talents that need to come to the fore…..have a look  and see what you think, or drop a few comments here!

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Foncie Fotos! No, not THAT Fonzie!

Foncie Fotos! No, not THAT Fonzie!

With a name that still manages to catch everyone’s attention, you can be sure that this person would be instantly recognised anywhere he went!

Foncie at work! (source:

Only thing is, this Foncie was not the same kinda guy that we’re all used to seeing in that old TV show.

I’m talking about Foncie Pulice, Vancouver city’s best known and fondly remembered…

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World famous Rodinal developing kit!

World famous Rodinal developing kit!



If you’re a hardened film camera enthusiast, I need say no more!

Rodinal….keeps for years. Pin sharp negatives. Contrasty. Everything. Period!

I have it….NOW!

In a NEW package that eliminates oxidisation due to air coming into contact with the developer. Complete kit has stop bath and fixer as well.

Price: US$48.00 plus US$37 shipping.

Canada: C$58 plus C$45 shipping.

UK/Europe: £32…

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Nothing to do with cameras but…

Nothing to do with cameras but…

I sometimes post completely unrelated items on here…regular readers will know that!

Today, I’m passing on something that may be of use to you if you, a friend or a loved one is suffering from eczema.

My friend was such a sufferer….her skin used to resemble an open sore almost…underneath it all she is a beautiful girl. Anyway, she had tried all the usual creams, lotions and potions that her doctor…

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Make either of these, or both, yours!

Make either of these, or both, yours!

In the world of classic film cameras, no other cameras are such fun to use, and produce stupendous results, than these two here! My own considered opinion of course! I’m way biassed!

Make either or both of them yours TODAY!

Click here to find out more…..

Beautiful olympus 35sp classic rangefinder film camera kit with valuable filter set

Olympus 35SP, fully refurbished, for sale

Olympus Trip 35 film camera -- rare red lizard effect covering -- fully refurbished -- original box

Olympus Trip 35 film camera — rare red lizard finish — refurbished and for sale


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Regular readers will recall that the last time we talked about painting and drawing, was some 18 months ago if I’m not mistaken!


So finally, yesterday I surprisingly found time to get my watercolors out and try and give vent to my withering creative inclinations.

For the first ten or fifteen minutes, I just sta there like a dummy, wondering what to paint… in the end, after not having arrived at a single logical conclusion, I just went ahead with nothing in mind in particular, except possibly a liking for mountains, sea, and scenery.

Dollops of paint and water were liberally splashed onto the paper…without much thought, and what came out is shown here.

Yes, I know…they all look alike….but hey, I’m no artist…not even a budding artist. There is one very good friend I know who I will ask to give me her thoughts on the work I’ve done, and that’s Marina Kanavaki…..what do you say Marina?

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Finally..found time to sit down and get the paints out! Regular readers will recall that the last time we talked about painting and drawing, was some 18 months ago if I’m not mistaken!
Peter Scoones—underwater photographer extraordinaire!

Peter Scoones–underwater photographer extraordinaire!

As a child, I well remember watching documentaries on British tv about the natural world.

This was during the days when black and white tv was the norm..old VHF sets with rotary tuners and those well-known set-top aerials with 2 extendable prongs, which we sometimes had to manoeuvre around awkward places in order to get the right signal!

And one of the best documentaries I can recall were the…

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